Sharing the Collective Knowledge of the I/DD Community
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The Arc Benton created Arc Academy to share the wisdom of parents, professionals in the field, and individuals who experience Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities.  You can follow and participate in the progress of Arc Academy and help it become an on-demand resource for parents and support providers.  New videos will be posted often - sign up to be notified

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Featured Videos

How to get the most out of an IEP meeting.  (8:52)
Noelle Sisk provides recommendations for an effective Individual Education Plan meeting. 

Advocacy (20:35)
The parents discuss their experiences with advocacy and State Representative Sara Gelser shares her point of view from a legislative standpoint.

Benton County Developmental Disabilities Program(9:38)
Jasper Smith of BCDDP describes the resources they offer to people with developmental disabilities.   These services are not uncommon in other counties or communities throughout the U.S.


This program of The Arc of Benton County is a registered 501(c)3 organization.